minecraft syndicate

This is minecraft by syndicate some of you may know him

spas-12 M.O.A.B

Lets get on with our shotguns.I m really getting into shotguns they are just brilliant,I know they take time to be at their best but its like that for every and they are good without damage and range

mw3 quick scope montage

I cant do this its just mad please enjoy

black ops 2 info

So here we go again more info I hope you enjoy this it was not easy to find.I was all about black ops 2 when I heard this first now im not sure but I might get back on it if the maps are good and same with the characters like Dempsey in black ops 2 soz it late

black ops 2 the truth

This is the truth about call of duty black ops 2.Now this is the black ops 2 trailer and to be honest I don’t think they can call this black ops two it’s like a 100 years later so if you don’t know what I m on about it’s a lot like terminator with the robots takeing over the world.So now you know and when I was researching future warfare was one of the names they were thinking about and it would have fitted but they can come up with something better than that it’s just they can’t come up with anything else.

For you how don’t know that’s Frank Woods and some words from the guy that but it on YouTube


Okay I can’t even get one while these guys are getting three per match WEIRD!!!

mw3 fastest M.O.A.B

I think this the fastest M.O.A.B I ever because I have never saw any faster then this I hope you enjoy.

mw3 92-1

Come on how do people to this.He is on pc I can just tell plus look at the bottom right corner.Hope you enjoy

I catch a grenade

Catch the grenade noww or we die.This is so funny suport this guy because he is very good and a favourite of mine


I like these guys they are funny and they have more videos.This is a series hope you enjoy

black ops 2

O my god its black ops 2.If you are curious check it out you might get information.Hope you enjoy

mw3 M.O.A.B

This does work but you need hardline pro.You have to have hardline pro and you have to get 48 kills because its assists per kill ok try it out with friends.


79 second moab suck it yeah.

RAGE QUIT!!!!!!!!!

This is something I am starting to get into.Its called minecraft,and something I find great in mincraft is that must people do a series,and in the series they do episodes as you know and some episodes are long and som are short.Number two would be that you can build anything.This is the guy I watch and he is playing with his girlfriend.His normal series is called The Minecraft Project and I love it.So hope you enjoy.

funny stuff

this is random please enjoy

black ops zombie tips

After a few days of playing online, i’ve come to the realization that about 9 out of 10 people playing zombies have no idea what they’re doing. I figured a topic with some tips from zombie vets could help out people just starting to play zombies, or who want to start but dont want to look like a total noob. I’ll start with a few, please add more as im learning the new maps as well.

– Try not to steal other players’ kills. The best way to start is to guard your own window and stay there. Even if zombies dont appear right away, they WILL eventually. Plus, theres nothing more annoying than to have a teammate stealing your kills while a separate window they COULD be watching has been overrun. Not smart playing, guys. If someone’s guarding a window, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
– For the first 2 or 3 rounds, the zombies arent very hard to kill. To get max points, as the zombies are breaking off the boards, shoot them 3 or 4 times in the legs/chest, and then let them in. A single knife swipe should kill them, and you get the knife kill points on top of the points for shooting them a few times. Then rebuild the boards for more points.
– Its important to let the zombies inside for the first 2 or 3 rounds. When inside and killed, thats when you get things like max ammo and insta kill. its also best to hold off as long as possible before buying a weapon. (dont know how many times i played where someone bought a gun right off the bat. Not too smart)
– OPEN DOORS. I dont know how many games i’ve played where no one is opening any doors, and they die with 4K points. The points do you no good if you’re dead; use them and open up the level.

I’ve got a ton more, but i want to see what others add. Mostly i’d like to know the secrets to current levels, namely the defcon switches on the new map and what they do.

I honestly hate my username. Someone gave this account to me years ago, I just took it because of the karma. I’ve never even listened to an EVE6 song….


i got this of a website so any thing he says he hates i might love but use the information


black ops zombies custom maps

I enjoyed this very much I have to say I just wanted to watch it well I was watching a movie to you know the adam family’s anyway there are traps so if your thinking of playing it because there is a ray gun trap to there is a part two as well

black ops zombies

this is the owner of serpentgames and im only 10 i love zombies and if your on ps3 hook me up and we can play on kino five dead ops arcade or shan gri la please follow and comment if you want we can play with my friends or whatever just to tell you im a beast on kino not so much on five or any other map really we can just play together on any of those maps add me as a friend if you want my name is irishserpent my friend has a YouTube account and he put me on YouTube he might do the same with you  he is 13 and is really nice.okay im on ps3 my name is irishserpent no caps no gaps so thanks and follow and comment currently im doing a link with another website so if you like my blog please comment and tell your dad if he is into economics swing by my dads website alternative economics I also do mw3 and battlefield 3 and did you know there making a black ops 2

mw3 connection

listen to this its stupid but real and he is right about everything