good night call of duty

As we all know call of duty black ops 2 is coming out and if you have seen the trailer which you will be able to see down below,well its a lot like halo the guns I mean but the storyline is about machines taken over the world just like terminator.I will be getting the game and will review it for you so until then all I can say is that they have basically stole the storyline from terminator.But we all know there is going to be zombies and that’s what must of you probably want.There has been leaked information and what we have found is there could well be four vs four in zombies.So maybe this will be like bases and you have to defend your base against the other team from invading your base and zombies will be attacking you as well.But I  don’t think anyone knows who is the main character it could be Frank Woods son but it may not be because Mason was the main character in the last game maybe he has a son we don’t know about.It will all come out on the 29th of august and if you dont know over in Texas America GameStop are having a game preview you will be able to play all the new games.So thats all  I have for you at the moment hope it was helpful.Please follow my website and youtube channel thanks.

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