premium wars

Just a while back they realised bf3 premium and this is better than modern warfare by ten times.You dont have to pay after the first payment and you get all the new maps that come out and its only fifty euros.the things you get with are worth it like a new knife and camo for your gun.Thats as fare as I know right now but I will find more about it but if your thinking its well worth the money.Then mw3 premium is worse because you pay every year  and you pay fifty euro.And every year they have new games out .You can buy the maps that come out for premium for 15 euros anyway.I know you can buy maps for bf3 as well but that would just cost more by 15 euros.If you still want mw3 premium check out matroix otherwise known as AliA.He is very talented in getting,but what I found out is that he doesn’t have one million followers yet.he is nearly there just fifty thousand away from half way.So I think that’s it but remember black ops 2 is coming out.So that is it thanks.

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