BF3 Close Quarters

Battlefield 3 close quarters is set to be announced for ps3 on june 4 may 2012 for ps3 and june 11 for Xbox and PC. The only maps announced by DICE/EA so far are Donya Fortress and Ziba Tower. The gameplays have been released and you can find them right here.

Also, if you are unsure, the guns that are 100% sure to be in the assignments list are:

ACW-R (Carbine)

M-TAR 21 (Carbine)

JNG-90 (Sniper Rifle)

SPAS-12 (Shotgun)

SCAR-L (Assault Rifle)

AUG-93 (Assault Rifle)

L86A1 (Light Machine Gun)

LSAT (Light Machine Gun)

M417 (Sniper Rifle)

MP5K (PDW_Personal Defense Weapon)

One new game mode has been announced too. CONQUEST DOMINATION. Where presumably, you have too arm a computer, sort of like an M-COM ( A crate/box like device that must be armed in the game mode of rush).                         Something that was announced for certain though is that you won’t be able to spawn on the flags. Though Squad Spawning should be okay.

It’ll be vicious out there so our top tip is to bring a PDW or Shotgun. Working with your teammates to take rooms and objectives is a must. Finally, as it is used to damage and destroy vehicles the Engineer Kit will be obsolete in these maps. The Support Kit is the way to go for sure. With Claymores and C4, I think that the Support Kit will have an explosive advantage this summer, as will the Assault Kit.

All in all, the only thing that you’ll want to look into is the new HD Destruction game engine . Enhanced destruction or enhanced explosions? Who knows, all I’m sayin’ is I wont’t be getting these maps on day 1. So for this preview I’m giving these maps a solid 8/10. Remember though, this is only a preview so make your own choice.

This has been SerpentGames new managerial editor DokkanX signing off.

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