black ops zombie tips

After a few days of playing online, i’ve come to the realization that about 9 out of 10 people playing zombies have no idea what they’re doing. I figured a topic with some tips from zombie vets could help out people just starting to play zombies, or who want to start but dont want to look like a total noob. I’ll start with a few, please add more as im learning the new maps as well.

– Try not to steal other players’ kills. The best way to start is to guard your own window and stay there. Even if zombies dont appear right away, they WILL eventually. Plus, theres nothing more annoying than to have a teammate stealing your kills while a separate window they COULD be watching has been overrun. Not smart playing, guys. If someone’s guarding a window, GO SOMEWHERE ELSE.
– For the first 2 or 3 rounds, the zombies arent very hard to kill. To get max points, as the zombies are breaking off the boards, shoot them 3 or 4 times in the legs/chest, and then let them in. A single knife swipe should kill them, and you get the knife kill points on top of the points for shooting them a few times. Then rebuild the boards for more points.
– Its important to let the zombies inside for the first 2 or 3 rounds. When inside and killed, thats when you get things like max ammo and insta kill. its also best to hold off as long as possible before buying a weapon. (dont know how many times i played where someone bought a gun right off the bat. Not too smart)
– OPEN DOORS. I dont know how many games i’ve played where no one is opening any doors, and they die with 4K points. The points do you no good if you’re dead; use them and open up the level.

I’ve got a ton more, but i want to see what others add. Mostly i’d like to know the secrets to current levels, namely the defcon switches on the new map and what they do.

I honestly hate my username. Someone gave this account to me years ago, I just took it because of the karma. I’ve never even listened to an EVE6 song….


i got this of a website so any thing he says he hates i might love but use the information


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