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These songs are fun take no offence

Go Cops by RuckaRuckaAli

Ima Korean by

Because I’m White by RuckaRuckaAli

Battlefield 4

As we know battlefield 4 or bf4 has been out a while and this is some footage of the game.There shall be more posts about call of duty ghosts and battlefield 4 to give you my opinion on which game is better.


Call Of Duty G.H.O.S.T

I recently got call of duty ghosts and I was impressed by the signal player.By the way it ended you could tell there would be another but I cant wait for the next.Multiplayer was average but some of the new game modes are good.The multiplayer guns are very interesting because they are more of a challenge I would say because very few people  could probably tell all the guns apart.I did manage to recognise some and their name.The new replacement for zombies I thought was terrible.I dont think you will ever be able to replace zombies.The main objective was to trill some of the aliens pods I guess.It is pretty hard to explain what they look like.

Halo 4

Sorry about not posting for a long time but hopefully I will do a bit more now that I am back.So I got Halo 4 and to be honest it will never be as good as Halo 3 because the falcon is gone which kept it going but no its gone but still you can have fun in single player.In single player they have brought out a new enemy for you to fight as I know.I have not finished it because this would be a total spoiler.But the game is not that good but still fun because the new enemy’s are not easy to defeat.You still have your ghost and all the land and wrath and things like that so that’s okay and you have new guns so that’s all Im gonna say.Please follow ans subscribe to serpentgames on youtube thanks.


There was a story that a boy died after playing to many games.He played for 40  hours straight.This is not funny,he died so don’t go playing to long.these cases are not often but they are scary if you don’t agree well that’s what you think.Must people would say “oh that’s not going to happen again”.I can tell you it is going to happen again and again and again.People play video games for a job and that’s just sad.I you play for more than three hours well that’s not going to kill you,but if you that every day it might.So hope this will be good info for you, that’s it  I’m out.

good night call of duty

As we all know call of duty black ops 2 is coming out and if you have seen the trailer which you will be able to see down below,well its a lot like halo the guns I mean but the storyline is about machines taken over the world just like terminator.I will be getting the game and will review it for you so until then all I can say is that they have basically stole the storyline from terminator.But we all know there is going to be zombies and that’s what must of you probably want.There has been leaked information and what we have found is there could well be four vs four in zombies.So maybe this will be like bases and you have to defend your base against the other team from invading your base and zombies will be attacking you as well.But I  don’t think anyone knows who is the main character it could be Frank Woods son but it may not be because Mason was the main character in the last game maybe he has a son we don’t know about.It will all come out on the 29th of august and if you dont know over in Texas America GameStop are having a game preview you will be able to play all the new games.So thats all  I have for you at the moment hope it was helpful.Please follow my website and youtube channel thanks.

black ops 2

So we all know black ops 2 is coming out soon but what some of you may not know is that you will be able to play the game before the release in America Texas .GameStop, a shop most of you would buy your games from, is having an well I don’t know what you would call it but you can play the new Wii u,assains 3 and of course black ops 2 .(It’s on my birthday) yay the 29th of august

five followers

This website is new and to get five followers already is amazing.This is really to thank those people and just for following you will get my good posts first.So its worth the two seconds it takes to follow.And I am starting to find a lot more out like black ops 2 pre-order bonus.Tanks

premium wars

Just a while back they realised bf3 premium and this is better than modern warfare by ten times.You dont have to pay after the first payment and you get all the new maps that come out and its only fifty euros.the things you get with are worth it like a new knife and camo for your gun.Thats as fare as I know right now but I will find more about it but if your thinking its well worth the money.Then mw3 premium is worse because you pay every year  and you pay fifty euro.And every year they have new games out .You can buy the maps that come out for premium for 15 euros anyway.I know you can buy maps for bf3 as well but that would just cost more by 15 euros.If you still want mw3 premium check out matroix otherwise known as AliA.He is very talented in getting,but what I found out is that he doesn’t have one million followers yet.he is nearly there just fifty thousand away from half way.So I think that’s it but remember black ops 2 is coming out.So that is it thanks.


This is oldish because it’s on assassins creed revelations but it is a classic.Hope you enjoy this but there are more he has plenty

serpentgames on youtube

This my first video and I know the quailty is mad but i know how to make it better and if you subscribe and follow my website you will be rewardedwhen im bigger.Please comment and like and lets go for 100 views on the video THANKS!!!

Rucka Rucka Go Cops

Rucka Rucka Ali is outstanding and I will put up more of his songs if I get good feedback.Thanks

assasin creed 3

Lets break out are savings to get all these new games with black ops 2 and this and many more.Its about fifty euro for one game so ill find out what one sounds best.

black ops 2 gameplay

This is the game we all have been waiting for BLACK OPS 2!!I think it will be good after what I saw,I did think it would be bad but it looks better than what I ecpected.SO hope you enjoy and I will be doing reviews on other games like ac3.


FaZe just seem to get better and better.To get a triple kill is hard but with a sniper , that’s god stufff.Hope you enjoy this mad quickscoper and mad trickshooter.SOZ for spelling.

black ops 2 e3

So E3 is coming up and they will be showing some gameplay on black ops 2 so be sure do check it out.This guy matroix will try to get as much information as possible.Please comment and follow this was just inform you  that black ops 2 gameplay will be viewable.

new editor

My new editor will be doing more posts on this website,I’m not the man for this sort of thing that’s why my posts ar not that good.So I wish him the best of luck and just to tell you check my YouTube account serpentgames  thanks.From Carlos and navanjak.

BF3 Close Quarters

Battlefield 3 close quarters is set to be announced for ps3 on june 4 may 2012 for ps3 and june 11 for Xbox and PC. The only maps announced by DICE/EA so far are Donya Fortress and Ziba Tower. The gameplays have been released and you can find them right here.

Also, if you are unsure, the guns that are 100% sure to be in the assignments list are:

ACW-R (Carbine)

M-TAR 21 (Carbine)

JNG-90 (Sniper Rifle)

SPAS-12 (Shotgun)

SCAR-L (Assault Rifle)

AUG-93 (Assault Rifle)

L86A1 (Light Machine Gun)

LSAT (Light Machine Gun)

M417 (Sniper Rifle)

MP5K (PDW_Personal Defense Weapon)

One new game mode has been announced too. CONQUEST DOMINATION. Where presumably, you have too arm a computer, sort of like an M-COM ( A crate/box like device that must be armed in the game mode of rush).                         Something that was announced for certain though is that you won’t be able to spawn on the flags. Though Squad Spawning should be okay.

It’ll be vicious out there so our top tip is to bring a PDW or Shotgun. Working with your teammates to take rooms and objectives is a must. Finally, as it is used to damage and destroy vehicles the Engineer Kit will be obsolete in these maps. The Support Kit is the way to go for sure. With Claymores and C4, I think that the Support Kit will have an explosive advantage this summer, as will the Assault Kit.

All in all, the only thing that you’ll want to look into is the new HD Destruction game engine . Enhanced destruction or enhanced explosions? Who knows, all I’m sayin’ is I wont’t be getting these maps on day 1. So for this preview I’m giving these maps a solid 8/10. Remember though, this is only a preview so make your own choice.

This has been SerpentGames new managerial editor DokkanX signing off.

bf3 jimmy the snake

This is ngt but jimmy the snake is a guest star I like this a lot I think it’s really funny.

Hidden spots mw3

Hope you enjoy this these might help but don’t camp!!!!!!!

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